Waste Management

Reduce Waste Management Costs, Increase
Recycling & Improve Waste Strategy Planning

Did You Know?…

Waste is very expensive to manage and there is currently a strong imperative for local government to reduce its costs.

Local & Municipal Government are tasked with meeting high recycling & recovery targets, ensuring efficient contracts with private companies for waste
collection/disposal whilst reducing the overall cost of Waste Management. For example by 2020 the Surrey Waste Partnership aim to increase Recycling & Recovery by 11%, Decrease landfill to 0% while maintaining the cost of waste management at 2013 levels in the face of a rising population trend.
To meet these high demands, authorities must innovate to:
  • Ensure their contractors are meeting agreed contractual standards
  • Manage their Waste Data on a County/State wide basis
  • Deliver on Central Government reporting requirements
  • Plan ahead and make informed decisions based on real data

Our Success


Our Approach

IWDMS, Your Digital Platform For Waste Monitoring

OpenSky‘s iWDMS platform is the UK market leader for managing municipal waste disposal for 50+ councils to over 500 waste disposal sites.
Contractor Management

Contractor Management

Manage your contractors by performance and ensure adherence to agreed contractual terms.
Waste Tracking

Waste Tracking

Track waste movements from source to destination for reliable waste data management.
Reduce Costs

Finance Management

Pay Your waste contractors using evidence based invoicing & connect seamlessly to your finance system.

Predictive Analytics

Integrate your internal systems & connect with external partners to provide your customer with one Digital eco-system.

Why Us?

OpenSky’s IWDMS Digital Platform For Waste Monitoring & IWaste+ For Deep Data Analytics

Our platform offers deep data analytics enabling authorities to deliver on ambitious waste management targets while reducing overall service costs.

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