IATR 2018-31st Annual Conference: The International Association Of Transportation Regulators (IATR)

IATR Annual Conference 2018

The International Association of Transportation Regulators (IATR) is a global growing peer group of taxi, limousine and for-hire transportation regulators, dedicated to improving the practice of licensing, enforcement and administration of for-hire transportation through the sharing of information and resources.

Members are Taxi Commissions and Committees, solely responsible for the governance and control of taxi licensing and enforcement; Police Departments and other law enforcement agencies with responsibility for taxis; Consumer Protection and Transportation Departments of cities and regions, with responsibility for public safety and service quality; Airport Authorities; and State and federal agencies responsible for limousines and other motor carriers, where there are cross-jurisdictional issues.

While predominantly a US based organisation the membership of global, non US regulators is growing year on year. IATR held its first organizational meeting on September 22, 1988 in Tampa, Florida and this years annual conference in Philadelphia running from September 14th to 17th will be the organisations 31st conference.

The theme for Day 1 for the conference will be “Smart Urban Mobility – Technology, Shared Mobility and Mobility as a Service (MaaS).”   Experts in the field will discuss how cities and countries around the world are dedicating resources to multi-modal integration, collaboration and coordination.  There will be an emphasis on “Smart Cities,”the use of transportation data for policymaking and service delivery, and how technology can be used to leverage seamless connections between public and private transport modes, as well as to encourage first-and-last mile solutions and shared rides.

There will also be a first-ever “War Games” session involving “Data Mining”– where TransAd, the regulatory agency from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, will be showcasing the unique work of their data mining department, and how taxi and other transport data is analyzed to help shape policy and regulatory management.  This interactive session will include real-life policymaking or “war game exercises,” where attendees are put in the driver’s seat to solve transportation policy problems using the data sets available.

The theme of Day 2, consistent with the historical presence in Philadelphia, will be“Transportation Equity.” Sessions will include the finalists for the “Accessible Transportation Solutions Data Challenge” (a “hack-a-thon” over an extended timeframe of several weeks) where the IATR data commons will be used by students and researchers to develop solutions to specific challenge questions through the work of the IATR’s technology / innovation and accessibility committees.   Sessions and workshops on the use of demand-responsive transit for public paratransit will take place, along with sessions involving a review of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) and designing the “WAV of Tomorrow.”

And day 4 will focus on safety.  The sessions will focus on the best way to regulate and promote public safety in a de-regulated or self-regulated TNC era (such as third-party validation), the latest developments in Vision Zeropolicymaking, new technologies for preventing driver fatigue, as well as black box and telematics initiatives to track driving behaviour.  The topic of workers’ compensation and other insurance models and funds to protect passengers, pedestrians and drivers will be discussed.

opensky Datas Taxi Regulation Digital Team will present during a Regulator Only Technology Session on Day 3 to present the Irish experience of investing in technology for efficiencies to ensure a highly regulated, accessible and safe taxi industry at a national level for over 26,000 taxi drivers.

While there are many differences across global jurisdictions on how individual regulators manage the industry, there are also lots of common business areas such as driver licencing, vehicle inspections, driver knowledge, driver / vehicle linking, online driver engagement, managing Transport Network Carriers, (TNC’s / Uber etc) contractor management and digital process management that all regulators can learn from each other on.

As regulators must do more with less, many are looking to increase not just digital tools for passenger and safety engagement but also for contract performance management and other areas as they continue on the road to moving from a traditional paper and phone-based industry to a digital one.

IATR: http://iatr.global/contact-us