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Manuel Tomas Estarlich

Manuel Tomas Estarlich

Cloud & Productivity Solutions Architect

About The Author

I am a dedicated I.T. professional with +16 years of experience within a varied range of organisations. I successfully combine excellent analysis abilities and exceptional technical skills with the proven ability of completing work activities to the highest standard whilst working within tight deadlines. I am definitely considered to be self–motivated, enthusiastic with a real passion for helping my colleagues.

Professional with a passion for technological innovations, I possess expertise in a wide range of technologies and platforms which combined with a high degree of creativity and good understanding of business processes and user adoption equip me to make a significant contribution in different areas such as Technological Innovation, I.T. Solutions Design and Integration and Business Process Streamlining and Automation. 

I would consider myself as quick in grasping new ideas and concepts with a keen focus on improving existing skills through continuous professional development. I endeavour to improve processes and find workarounds when in difficult or stressful situations. I am extremely articulate and proactive with exceptional problem-solving skills gained via demanding and creative leading and systems administration environments. I manage to successfully combine a professional and confident approach with excellent interpersonal skills and the natural ability to communicate concisely at all levels.

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