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Local Authority Advanced Case Management CRM

Customised and Unified Service Desk Solution providing digital citizen channels across all Local Authority services.

Support the day to day recording requirements for Case Management in Local Authorities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Dynamics Portals & Contact Call Centre Integration.

Unified Service Desk & Contact Centre Integration

Some Of Our Local Authority Customers

For over 15 years, we have become the most pioneering IT Solutions provider to Government regulators and Local Authorities – providing them with the digital tools to connect citizens, automate processes and implement policy changes rapidly.

We have deep business expertise across Government Regulation, Transport, Housing & Environment and are passionate and are excited about playing a part in developing and delivering digital services for citizens that we and our families and friends will use in the future.

Customer Testimonials

Case Management CRM Benefits

Future Proofed

What you don’t see coming!

We are committed to providing reliable and superior quality solutions designed with the agility to rapidly respond to a very common occurrence in the Fourth Industrial Revolution we are in.

Cloud Hosted

Data is stored within data-centres of a third party cloud hosting site and is available to all devices with an internet connection – regardless of location.

Software is updated more frequently and updates are automatically deployed.


OpenSky Data Systems has and will continue to stay ahead of the IT curve with our forward thinking approach.

Through close client collaboration and on-going innovation, we will continue to pioneer better IT solutions and services for our clients and indeed for the industry as a whole.

Local Hosting

Ireland/EU Hosting. All data hosted in Ireland

Azure North Europe Data Centre in Grangecastle with backup in the EU

Azure West Data Centre in Amsterdam


Integrity and respect underpin everything that we do whether it’s in our dealings with clients, suppliers, partners, co-workers and other stakeholders.

Through all our business operations we are deeply committed to ensuring that we deliver on our promises fairly, truthfully and respectfully.

Our Technology

We invest over 10% of revenue in research and development to ensure we are always ahead of the technology curve, we are continuously innovating and up-skilling so we can bring You, our Clients the best technology available.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform

Dynamics 365 CRM

8 years implementing and supporting Dynamics 365 CRM solutions, from new solution builds, take-on of support for existing solutions to migration of Dynamics 2011 – 2016 to Dynamics 365 in the cloud, our expert Team are here to help You. Our solutions utilise platform components such as Dynamics 365 CRM, Dynamics Portal Connector (web portals), SharePoint (document & information management), Aquaforest  (scanning) and Adobe Sign (E-Signatures) to name but a few.

Microsoft .NET & Azure

Microsoft .Net icon

We have been building bespoke applications on .NET for 15 years.  Technologies such as .NET Core & React.js allow us to build fast, scalable applications while Docker, Azure & Microservices bring a reduction in infrastructure costs while ensuring highly available and flexible architectures which can be more easily maintained into the future.

Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint Online

Office 365 icon

Delivering the Digital Workplace using the Office 365 solutions allows you to drive productivity, enhance customer and workforce experience and enhance collaboration. Grow productivity & collaboration through utilisation of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint online. Enable powerful Insights through Power BI self-service.

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

SQL Server

Our SQL Server services offer scalability, performance and availability for mission-critical intelligent applications and data warehouses either in the cloud or on-premise. Microsoft Cognitive Services allows us to integrate AI to your bots and applications. Utilising Power BI brings visualisation to intelligent data allowing you to draw insights and informed decisions.

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