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Digital Regulation For Government

As Ireland’s Only Gov-Tech Digital Transformation Specialist, Our Systems Impact 2.5m People Every Day And Manage 100m Transactions Every Month In Government.

What We Do

Enabling Digital by default

By Digitising back-office processes & providing citizens with digital access to key Government services, organisational services are enhanced & staff pressure is reduced.

Enabling a Digital strategy requires Government to not only put in place the capabilities for Digital Delivery of services but also ensures the organisational enablers to deliver these capabilities such as strategy, governance and organisation are developed & executed.

Fundamental capabilities which must exist for Digital enablement include:


Citizen & business portals, payment, digital touchpoints.

Back-office automation

Automation of transactional process, workflows & system messaging.

Data & Knowledge Management

Large scale data storage, information metadata, predictive analytics.

Systems & Data Integration

Digital eco-systems enabled by system to system data sharing, open data.

These capabilities supported by the organisational enablers ensure your Government Digital strategy will produce successful outcomes for the Citizen, connected business and workforce.

Our Success


Our Solution Capabilities

Digital Citizen Enablement

• Custom Built & Integrated Back Office & Front Facing Platforms
• Customer Omnichannel Experience
• A.I Enriched Customer Experience

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

• Respond to change with a business processes
• Collaborative Case & Activity Management
• Enact new legislation in a short timeframe

Information Intelligence

Information Intelligence

• Digitise and automate the core organisational processes
• Overcome the challenges of Information Overload
• Empower collaboration/knowledge management & enhance employee experience

Connected Services

Connected Services

• Integrated eco-systems between you and your partner agencies • Light weight technology architecture built on microservices & API’s
• Change outsourced partners with minimum disruption to Business as usual
• Automate information management through Artificial Intelligence

Some Of Our Clients

National Transport Authority, Ireland

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