The key to streamlining government services is innovative thinking, and bravery  

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The Government is striving towards the digital age with investment in various digital platforms to spearhead adjustments in the day to day management and operations of government services. Government departments face various challenges, but they must commit to innovating to ensure citizens are being considered in their daily processes. A certain level of risk-taking is required when investing in innovative technology which will inevitably, transform the way services are addressed and then operated. Innovation plays an integral part, but it is the bravery from key stakeholders that instigates change and navigates new technological services.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

The Government has a responsibility to deliver a safer nation, foster change and to enhance life and artificial intelligence has all the capabilities to do so by tackling issues in government offices. The biggest issues the Government face, that directly impacts citizens are processes that can be lagging, costly or labour intensive. With AI it takes care of the issues by reducing time, lowering manual labour, identifying problems at an earlier stage, speeding up decision making as well as advancing accuracy. A responsive government is a better government and it is one that monetises innovative tools to improve inefficiencies that plague public service offices. AI improves infrastructure – making it smarter by navigating routes and reducing commuter journeys. Robotic process automation (RPA) offers increased speed, better productivity, heightened coping skills and an overall reduction in manual errors that can be observed in office operations.      

“A responsive government is a better government and it is one that monetises innovative tools to improve inefficiencies that plague public service offices.”

Bravery and Innovation  

Streamlining services isn’t just about innovation – as we have mentioned, bravery is very much part of the digital transformation. The capabilities exist but the Government must strive to reinvent the wheel and shake off the old traditional methods. 2020 brings a new decade, a new opportunity to think ‘outside the box’ and to drive shifts to greatly improve and alter the current landscape of public services. Culture, mindset, current structures and work practices require a massive overhaul to redefine how public services function and why it is important to do better. A connected government is a daring government who are aware of the changes the world is experiencing and how capturing some of these digital tools will greatly benefit the public, not only now but in the future. Society demands technology and innovation with more people benefiting from it throughout the day without ever comprehending how the modernisation has made lives easier. The public trusts the Government to offer the greatest and most innovative digital technologies available with its numerous capabilities. Understanding citizens to achieve better outcomes, providing streamlined services, discovering innovative solutions to policy changes, and delivering public and stakeholder engagement are expectations that must be delivered now.  

Public Expectations and Personalisation 

Public expectations are higher and certainly more ‘on demand’ than ever before as everything should be available at the touch of a button, and more services are available online but that doesn’t mean the work is complete. There are copious opportunities to respond to and enhance peoples end-to-end experience of public services. By doing so and using innovative solutions, the belief is that the Government are motivating change and switching their culture to redesigning policy and delivering faster and more valuable services. Promoting such innovation creates a level of trust, improves user experience and finally, it has superior results for all involved. The private sector is showcasing their courage with personalisation, quick responses and platforms that are replacing traditional methods of interaction and there is no reason why the public sector should fall through the cracks. In today’s world, people expect the same level of personalisation and swift response from the public sector than that of the private sector.   

“Disruption is happening, innovation is happening, technology is happening so the question is, are you brave enough if we provide the innovative solutions?”

Driving Change and Quality of Life 

Boosting public services comes with a pressure to be the pioneer of such solutions and to gauge the market, plan and continuously innovate to stay ahead. The Government should force change instead of being forced to change with business models that are immensely beneficial to the public. The Governments relations (with innovative services) will be able to create a fantastic quality of life for the public, gain trust and remain competitive in a technologically advancing world.  

Disruption is happening, innovation is happening, technology is happening so the question is, are you brave enough if we provide the innovative solutions?  

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