OpenSky partners with UiPath to help Irish public sector leverage robotic process automation

OpenSky partners with UiPath to help Irish public sector leverage robotic process automation

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OpenSky Press Release - 23rd of July  2019

OpenSky Press Release - 23rd of July 2019

OpenSky partners with UiPath to help Irish public sector leverage robotic process automation

William Flanagan – Director Commercial & Technology and Michael Cronin – Managing Director of OpenSky Data Systems.

– Partnership will streamline back-office processes for government agencies 

– UiPath is fastest-growing enterprise software company, with 400,000-strong developer          community and customer base of more than 2,800 customers 

–  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) boosts employee productivity and efficiency  

–  Approach also makes services more accessible for citizens in Ireland 

Dublin, 23 July 2019 – OpenSky, the Irish GovTech transformation specialist which provides process automated solutions to public sector bodies, announces that it has partnered with UiPath, the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company.  

Through this strategic partnership, OpenSky will design, develop and implement cutting-edge RPA solutions for public sector bodies and government agencies in Ireland.  

Leveraging robotic automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), OpenSky will provide automated solutions that enable organisations to maximise efficiency – up to 80% of organisations using RPA have experienced significant increases in business process efficiency (The Impact of RPA on Employee Experience; Forrester survey, Aug 2018). 

These solutions will also help to reduce operational costs and free up resources, enabling employees to work on more customer-focused and business critical tasks, as opposed to menial jobs.   

The collaborative venture will also help Irish public sector organisations to enhance the citizen experience by making services more accessible via online portals and digital touchpoints. This digitisation of core services also means improved responsiveness and better value for the public 

UiPath has a 400,000-strong developer community and a customer base of more than 2,800 customers, including 50% of the top 20 Fortune Global 500 companies. Leading the ‘Automation First’ era and championing one robot for every person, UiPath brings digital skills to more than a million people, with its Enterprise RPA Platform already automating millions of repetitive tasks for businesses and government organisations all over the world. 

UiPath’s Enterprise RPA Platform is an end-to-end, high-performance solution that facilitates robotic process automation. OpenSky will customise, implement and support it within Irish public sector organisations to create digital, integrated ecosystems; helping to save time and expense, and improving data quality and compliance. 

Meanwhile, OpenSky has delivered major projects for leading government organisations which impact 2.5 million people every day. Its new partnership with UiPath ties in with the company’s wider plans to maintain revenue growth, increase staff numbers and expand further in international markets. 

Michael Cronin, Managing Director, OpenSky, said: It’s great to work with such a valuable partner and world leader in terms of RPA. UiPath is helping us to innovate and deliver cutting edge solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on bringing valuable technology to the market that makes an impact for government organisations, not only for those who work within these organisations but for Irish citizens as well. 

“Together with UiPath, we are enabling government digital strategy to produce successful outcomes, transform the way in which they work and improve access to services for the general public. Through automation and RPA technologies, we can boost productivity, experience and satisfaction for everyone involved.” – Michael Cronin.

Michael Cronin – Managing Director of OpenSky Data Systems.

“Ever since our early days, we at UiPath have made it our mission to empower organizations and their staff to take back control over their time by relegating those repetitive, time consuming menial tasks to a digital workforce made up of software robots. Via this partnership, we get to witness technology at work bringing more efficiency to the public sector and freeing up critical human resources that can better focus on increasing citizen experience and ultimately channel their efforts on making our cities a better place to live.” – Jan Ursi, VP of Partnerships for EMEA at UiPath.

OpenSky hosted an event in collaboration with UiPath at the 5* Intercontinental Hotel in Ballsbridge on the morning of 11th July. The half-day workshop showcased use-cases on how automation improves government processes through AI-powered RPA. Gov-Tech C-Suite & Senior Management were invited to attend. 

Recent press coverage stemming from the UiPath & OpenSky partnership press release:


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